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              Welcome to the Freethought Forum
              The lofty high Renaissance and marked mannerism. The heavy and ornate Baroque era, followed by the gentle Rococo. Harsh neo-classicism, rich romanticism, lush naturalism, stern realism, blurred impressionism. Heady surrealism, blockish cubism, postwar Dada, pointy-cornered art deco and cookie cutter Bauhaus. Let us skip the dreariness of the past half century and arrive finally at FF Style.

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              Check Out This Jackwagon
              Mar 22, 2020 - 3:43 AM - by Kamilah Hauptmann
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              My Adventures with a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)
              Mar 21, 2020 - 2:44 PM - by viscousmemories
              I signed up for a "social experiment" proposed by a Twitter rando that involves wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for 28 days with the aim of keeping my glucose levels under 140 each day.

              Starting from the belief that maintaining low blood sugar levels (e.g. through a keto diet) leads to better health (specifically weight loss), the rando's main hypothesis is that having a monetary incentive would motivate people to stay on target.

              The experiment goes like this:

              1. Send $800 to rando :spend:
              2. Get a CGM and associated software
              3. Wear the CGM for 28 days :cannibal:
              4. Get $25 back each day glucose is <140mg/dL
              5. Profit :rich:

              Ok, number five might not be true. Those of you who are math(s)-aware will notice that successfully completing the experiment only nets me $700 of the $800 I put up at the start, so I'm definitely not profiting. But I don't think rando is profiting either given the normal cost of CGMs and the effort he has put into corralling the 30ish participants.

              Tomorrow marks one week since I began this experiment, and already I have learned some very interesting things about how different foods impact my glucose levels. I've also lost about 6 lbs, so win/win. At the conclusion of this experiment (and maybe sooner) I will post a lot of charts and food pr0n in this thread so that others might learn things I learned, and all will be better people for it.
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